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International Projects

  FP7-SME-1-315 029-Hermes - Innovative, Highly Efficient Road Surface
Measurement and Control System  2012

  Concept design for fiber optics Nuclotron beam profile monitor, JINR
- DUBNA Russia   2011

  The equipment and the software endowment of the Nuclotron LAN - part II, JINR
- DUBNA Russia   2010

  The equipment and the software endowment of the Nuclotron LAN - part I, JINR - DUBNA Russia   2009

  Optimizing photodetection and photodynamic inactivation of microbial pollutants, PABO
    Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, BULGARIA   2009

  Modernization of the data acquisition equipment and software of the Nuclotron Automatic Control System, JINR - DUBNA Russia  2008

  Data acquisition control equipments of the Nuclotron Automatic Control System, JINR - DUBNA Russia   2007

  Modernization of the Automatic Control System of the Nuclotron, JINR - DUBNA Russia   2005

  The achievement of the informational endowment of the physical experiments at Nuclotron and the modernization of the central control desk, JINR - DUBNA Russia   2003
  Rebuilding the LAN of the Automatic Control System of the Nuclotron using optoelectronic technologies, JINR - DUBNA Russia   2002

National Projects

   Experimental Methods for Ecosystems Services Assessment of Urban Lakes under Climate Changes (EMERSA)

   Method and innovative system for the detection of trace amounts of drugs through mass spectroscopy plasma- laser assisted - ISPLASM

   Fundamental and holistic investigation of aquatic organic matter fractions for an innovative early warning method to improve ecosystem functioning 28/ 2011 Human resources - Youngh     researches team

   Study of some ferromagnetic II - IV - V2 systems and their interfaces with non - ferromagnetic semiconductors 48/ 2011-2013 Human resources - Post doctoral grants

   Dynamic interaction between the natural and human components based on the synergy of ecological and socio-economic factors in the rapidly urbanizing landscapes DYNAHU

   Multymodality Optical Imaging System for Intraoperative Detection of Tumor Positive Margins - MOIST

   Plasmonic 2D optical memory with active chalcogenide glass layer-MEMOPLAS

   Intelligence station radio / video assisted GPS / Galileo meteor detection - ALL SKY

  Complex investigation equipment of road profiles and pavement layers quality control, DRUMTEST 370/ 2011-2013 POS CCE-A2- O2.1.1 Sectoral Operational Programm

   Evaluation of Romanian research potential in physics and elaboration of a national strategy for international cooperation, ESFRO 2S P15/ 2009-2011 Sectoral Plan

   Robotic system for automatic prelevation of artery road surface profiles, PREVIDAR
      188/ 2008-2010 Innovation Program

   Environment management in urban residential areas in the frame of current climate changes, ECOLOC 92-104/ 2008 - 2011 Partnership CNMP

   Research regarding the determination of the processes and optimal parameters in order to improve the degree of remediation of soil contaminated with hydrocarbons, TERESOL 32-102/ 2008 -2011 Partnership CNMP

   E-health platform for monitoring, positioning and processing in real time for patients with cardiovascular risk, ERISC 12-123/ 2008-2011 Partnership CNMP

   Advanced control techniques based on the analysis of errors and three-dimensional models for high precision measurements of complex surfaces, SISMOS 72-176/2008-2011  Partnership CNMP 

   Mobile system for precision mapping of road arteries and field adjacent objectives, MMS 184/ 2008-2010 Innovation Programm

   Method and equipment for longitudinal profile testing of artery roads in dynamic regime, PROLOG 123/ 2007-2009 Innovation Programm

   Amorphous photonic nanostructures for optoelectronics, NAFO 11-073/ 2007-2010 Partnership CNMP

   Bioremediation of soils contaminated with petroleum products for their reintegration in the socio-economical circuit, SOLPETRO 31-080/ 2007-2010 Partnership CNMP

   Integrated assessment of human impact on the water quality in the lower Arges Basin for ecological reconstruction, EVA 628/ 2005-2008 CEEX  Programm

   Innovative therapy approaches for interventions with lasers from IR domain in hematology, ophthalmology and dermatology, TERLAS 1-CEx05-D11-05/ 2005-2008 CEEX  Programm

   Optical tomography in near infra-red for the breast lesions detection, BIOT 2-CEx06-D11-16/ 2006-2008 CEEX  Programm

   Management system and integrated control of water and soil resources according to concept of durable development on European level, MIRASOL 75/ 2005-2008 CEEX  Programm

   Amorphous and structural chalcogenic materials for sensors and optoelectronics, CANSO 4/ 2005-2008 CEEX  Programm

   Infrastructure for characterization and diagnosis by optical and complementary methods, INDICO 152/ 2006-2007 INFRAS Programm - CEEX

   Adapted laser system for ophthalmic bio-microscope, OFTALAS 180/ 2008-2010 Innovation Programm